What do I as a True Life Saint adhere to?

Love – seek the others highest best

Grace – with grace there is always joy

Peace – which surpasses all understanding. In the midst of chaos, in the midst of hardship, in the midst of storms, His peace is gentle and tangible.

Longsuffering – Through suffering and pain with a good attitude and with thanksgiving in my heart.

Kindness is a choice that is not based on how others treat me but on whom I choose to be.

Goodness – Life and not death.

Faithfulness – unmovable persuasion

Gentleness – remembering how to respond to another

Self-control – a choice to not submit to my human nature but to submit to God’s word.

Humbleness – Seeing Christ and the Father as greater than myself and the adversary.

Honesty with kindness/Truth with kindness – Being honest and truthful with my brothers and sisters with kindness.

Maturity – our responsibility


Love one another as I have loved you
- John 13:34

What do I as a True Life Saint give myself over to?

I give myself over to Christ as I choose to face my own self, my weaknesses, and my human nature.

I choose to face my adversaries and stand up against them.

I choose to step forward one baby step at a time.

I submit myself over to Christ my Savior, the One who is greater than myself.