Submission changes your behavior

1 Pet 3:1 Likewise –> Chapter 2

Subjection G5293

3) to subject one’s self, obey

4) to submit to one’s control


1 Pet 2:13, 18, 21-25

1 Pet 3:1

Eph 5:22, 24

1 Pet 4:13

Matt 7:14


1 Pet 3:1 Obey not

Thayer Def:

1) not to allow one’s self to be persuaded

  a) to refuse or withhold belief

  b) to refuse belief and obedience

2) not to comply with

Strong’s def.

Fr. G545; to disbelieve (wilfully and perversely): – not believe, disobedient, obey not, unbelieving.



Thayer Definition: 1) impersuasible, not compliant, disobedient, contumacious

(contumacious dict.: subbornly resistant to authority; wilfully disobedient, stubbornly perverse or rebellious)

Strong’s def.

From G1 (as a negative particle) and G3982; unpersuadable, that is, contumacious: – disobedient. 1 Pet 3:1


Conversation/behavior G391

The root: G4762 + G303

Fig. To turn into sth, meaning to convert or change. Of persons, to turn in mind, become another kind of spirit.

Thayer def.: 2b) Met. To turn one’s self from one’s course of conduct, i.e. to change one’s mind.

G303 into/in the midst


G390 Thayer def.: 4.) met. To conduct one’s self, behave one’s self, live



Thayer Definition: 1) manner of life, conduct, behaviour, deportment (Dict. Behavioral attributes, the way a person behaves toward other people.)

Strong’s def.: From G390; behavior: – conversation.




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