Vision: To Girdle Up Mind #18

On the board from before:

The study of divine truth disciplines the mind & heart.

Pro 29:18

Vision: To Girdle Up Mind


On the board last time:

Ps 22:3 – Yah inhabit our praises!

Israel = H3478 = Yah prevails. He strive with Yah & ruling with Yah. He will rule as Yah.

H8280 = A prim. rt. – To prevail: – have power (as a prince)

H410 = strength; an adj. Mighty; esp. the Almighty.


Jacob: Natural man of two natures. Inconsistencies are everywhere = carnal nature.

Jacob = Supplanter – mns – 1. One who wrongfully or illegally seizes and hold the place of another. Human nature against divine nature.


On the board this time:

The discipline of conformity

Phil 4:13-14-16 I Can Do! Verb – continue – Non stop!

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