Vision: To Girdle Up Mind #21


Previously on the board:

The study of divine truth disciplines the mind & heart.

Pro 29:18

Vision: To Girdle Up Mind


 The discipline of conformity

G2480 vb

Phil 4:13-14-16 – I Can Do! Verb – continue – Non stop!

1) To be strong

A) In boyd, to be robust, to be in sound health.

2) To have power

A) To exert. To have strength, To overcome.

B) To be a force, avail.

C) To be serviceable.

D) To be able, can.

Fr. G2479: To have (Or exercise) Force (Lit or fig.): be able. Be whole + much work.

Ability(1 Pet 4:11), Force, Strength(Mk 12:30,33), Might(Eph 1:19)


Dimension of thinking as to do with the pattern of teaching of Scriptures.

The Pattern first affect the teacher.

The way of looking at or thinking about sth.


From the board this time:

Principles are pattern.

Pattern of sth.

Pattern emerges.

Pattern establish.

Pattern reveal principle

Pattern consumes the old

A particular way in which sth. usually happens or is done.

Principle means:

A basic idea or rule that explains or controls how sth happens or works.

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