Joakim Fossan

Area of expertise

In TTLM and on the board I fill the janitor-type role, doing what needs to be done outside of what
the others are doing, or helping the others with their responsibilities if required. My most
significant assets in managing things are search/research, learned through my journalism
studies and time in university in general. I can also do these things quite well: organizing things,
and bouncing off ideas and thoughts to those around me, especially if I am familiar with the

Why I joined TTLM

I joined TTLM when I was studying Journalism in Kristiansand. Our shepherd pastor Patrick was
preaching at a local church, and while it was a good enough message, it didn’t resonate too
deep with me. But once I found myself talking with him afterward, he was direct and pierced
through my defenses, speaking directly to something that I had been struggling with for years.
I joined not too long after this, after being invited by a friend that knew Patrick at the time. I
soon realized that his teachings and his character were an answer to my prayers from before I
started studying in Kristiansand. I saw what kind of man he was, and how much he had already
been transformed into the image of Christ. So from that point on, I knew I wanted to stay. To
learn how to be transformed into the image of Christ as well.

What changes I have gone through since joining

There have been many things about me that were rotten and bad. I was weak-minded, addicted to pornography, arrogant, selfish, and with little self-control. Since joining, even with a lot of resistance and dropping the ball on my side, I have become more stable in mind, less weak-minded, less arrogant, less selfish, and with more self-control than I had. I still have a long way to go, but I am grateful for Patrick and the Father working together to free me from the things that so ensnare me. My ADHD has less of a detrimental effect on my everyday life, and I have been able to make choices that would seem way beyond me before. Overall, Patrick and the Father have, through much trials and tribulations and resistance from my human nature, moved me further along towards what I asked the Father those many years
ago, and towards becoming His son manifested.