Tone Lise Haraldseid

Area of Expertise


I organize and set up meetings, finances, and plan trips to Kenya and other places. I love to study and have a great understanding that enables me to understand things quickly. I never stop learning and I am very effective (sometimes too much so lol). I have a Master’s in Marriage- and Family therapy and continue to understand more in-depth the difficulties that can happen in relationships and how to break them. 


Why I joined


May 2015 was when I first met our Shepherd-Pastor Patrick. Two weeks later I was born again (see John 3:1-8). The questions I had cried and screamed out to the Father were answered, and continue to be so. 


I have been to many different denominations, read a ton of different books, and listened to thousands of hours of different teachings. But never have I experienced change as I did since May 2015. And never have I experienced someone able to answer questions that have haunted me for years. For the first time in my life, the hope of something better was not just about getting married and having kids. It shifted to something more important: to be conformed to the image of the only begotten Son (Rom 8:29-30). 


To change was suddenly possible. Emptiness and sorrow were no longer something I just needed to accept. Life is no longer just about enduring, to die, and then going to heaven. The Word truly became a book of life, of direction, of vast knowledge, and something that I could start to understand step by step through biblical teachings, experience, fellowship and study. 


The times I am exhausted, my emotions take the lead, or I am overwhelmed by everything happening around me or decisions I have to make, then I have a close-knit fellowship that doesn’t judge me but will be honest with me, that seeks my highest best, that love me no matter what struggles I go through, and that won’t allow me to stay too long in my garbage. I would not want to be in any other place.


What changes I have gone through


I am not the same as I was before May 2015. Where there was emptiness, there is now life, where there was darkness there is light, where there was hopelessness and distrust there is now hope and persuasion, where there was perfectionism and self-righteousness there is now growth, forgiveness, and acceptance. The list could go on. 


I have a love for life – the true life. I love to learn about my Father and his creation. I understand on a deeper level that he is extremely wise and intelligent, and wants me to be the same. 


The core of me changed, and therefore also all of who I was. And I continue to grow and mature through trials and tribulations, through good times and bad times. Therefore I rejoice and am glad no matter what happens. I am forever grateful for the darkness the Father took me out of and the Kingdom he put me in 🙏