Victoria Maria Alsvik

Area of expertise

An administrative laughing potatoย ๐Ÿ˜‚

Why I joined TTLM

It is True Life! I joined and chose to be a member of this local body as I saw our Shepard Pastor had become and continued to become the living word. He did not only teach a theory hoping he one day would become that, but before my eyes, I saw him transform into the word and what he teaches he has become. He is showing us the path to eternal life. In addition, the fellowship is real and true. We do not allow each other to be fake but we edify each other and crucify our human nature. True friendship, which I have not found any other place. This is a summary of why I chose and still choose to be part of TTLM.

What changes I have gone through

Since I joined TTLM, I have been liberated from the prison of my own personality, limitation, and belief system, just to mention a few things. This has been a process of taking responsibility rather than blaming everything and everyone else for my problems, shortcomings, and difficult circumstances. It has been me choosing to face myself and obey the scriptures and the teachings. I have been exchanging my old thoughts and ideas for new thoughts and ideas found in the Scriptures and taught to us by our Shepherd Pastor โ€“ both in the Saturday teachings and in how he lives in submission and obedience to Christ and the Scriptures. I was miserable and now I am great <3